Smile In A Day in Dacula

How Does Smile In A Day Work?

Getting a smile in a day works just like it sounds like it would! In just one day, Dr. David Quintero can extract your remaining unhealthy teeth, place a set of dental implants, and attach a full mouth of teeth to these implants. You’ll be able to restore your smile in just one appointment in Dacula. Contact us to schedule a consultation at Quintero Periodontics today, and see if you’re a good candidate for getting a smile in a day.

Did you know…

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Smile in a Day uses dental implants to restore your teeth. Unlike dentures, dental implants stimulate and strengthen your jaw bone, keeping it healthy after tooth loss.

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What To Expect From The Smile In A Day Procedure

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Initial Consultation

First, you’ll schedule a consultation with Dr. Quintero, who will examine your mouth, take x-rays, and discuss your condition to determine if getting a smile in a day is right for you.

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Planning Phase

You will be working closely with Dr. Quintero and your General Dentist or Prosthodontist over several appointments to develop what your teeth and smile will look like.

Implant Placement Surgery

If you’re approved, Dr. Quintero will schedule your Teeth in a Day procedure. At your surgical appointment, you will be relaxed and sedated so you will be comfortable throughout. Dr. Quintero will extract the remaining teeth and place a series of 4-6 implants in the upper or lower or both jaws of your mouth. These small, titanium screws bond with your jaw bone and secure the teeth into your mouth so they won’t fall out like regular dentures.

Dental Implant

Getting your temporary teeth

After your implants have been placed, your restorative team will place a new set of teeth on your implants, restoring your smile. These teeth are temporary, but you’ll wear them as you heal and recover from the process. You’ll be sent home with a brand-new smile in just one day!


Follow-ups and permanent teeth

Over the next 6 months, you’ll have check-ups to assess your progress and begin designing your permanent teeth. Once your mouth has healed fully, you’ll come back for a final appointment to remove your temporaries, and permanently attach your new teeth to your implants.

More About Smile In A Day

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Understanding All On X Dental Implants

You may have heard of “All On Four” implants, which use a series of four implants to support a full set of replacement teeth. These implants are placed at a special angle to make sure they provide proper support for your new teeth.

At our office, we use a similar “All On X” procedure. What the “X” means is that Dr. Quintero can use as many dental implants as he thinks are necessary for your unique situation. Some patients only require four dental implants for a new smile, while others may need five or even six. This treatment method gives us more flexibility, and helps ensure you get the best possible results when you get a smile in a day from Quintero Periodontics.

How Long Do Implant Supported Dentures Last?

If you are missing all or most of your natural teeth, and are looking for a secure, durable alternative to traditional dentures, full-arch implants may be the best option for you. By placing a series of 4-6 dental implants per arch into your mouth, you can enjoy the look and function of a new smile that can last a lifetime.

These dental implants act as artificial roots that allow a set of removable implant-supported overdentures or fixed dental bridges to permanently bond to the gumline and restore your smile. Full-arch implants look and feel much more natural, and will never shift or move when you eat or speak, unlike dentures.