Laser Dentistry/LANAP in Dacula

What is Laser Dentistry?

An FDA-cleared laser treatment called LANAP offers a less painful, more successful treatment alternative to conventional surgery. LANAP is the only scientifically, research proven methodology that results in true periodontal regeneration, new bone growth and gum tissue reattachment. The PerioLase MVP-7 is a state of the art laser that targets the source of the infection and will help stop gum and bone loss without the need for scalpel or sutures.

We are committed to providing patients with world-class dental technology for a seamless, efficient experience. That’s why we’re excited to offer laser dentistry which allows our patients to experience a comfortable, quick, and pleasant dental experience.

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Laser dentistry is FDA approved and widely used in modern dental practices across America.

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The Benefits of Laser Therapy

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Minimally Invasive

The laser beam is so exact that it eliminates the need to cut your gums or have to have stitches.

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Most procedures are painless and don’t require any anesthesia. By skipping numbing injections, the treatment is quicker and more comfortable for patients.

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Faster Healing Time

Since the laser is minimally invasive and so precise, full mouth treatment can be done in one day. Also, laser dentistry provides faster healing times with little to no bleeding, and in most cases, allows you to get back to work the next day.

Common Laser Therapy Treatments

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Gum disease

We understand that it can be easy to fall behind on your at-home oral healthcare routine. When plaque and bacteria build up on the gum line, they can actually cause infection and inflammation. If not treated in time, this can lead to gingivitis and gum disease. Laser dentistry can treat gum disease by removing the unhealthy gum tissue and swiftly eliminating bacteria on the gums and in the roots of the teeth to restore gum health. Laser treatments for gum disease help you maintain your oral health and preserve the natural beauty and strength of your smile.

Biopsies and lesion removal

Lasers can remove lesions and conduct biopsies effectively, all while ensuring the tissue remains intact. During your bi-annual oral exam, if your dentist notices any abnormalities or signs of oral cancer, they may recommend additional evaluation or treatment with a biopsy or lesion removal. The laser is so exact that little to no pain or bleeding occurs upon removal. By getting a laser biopsy or laser removal you can get peace of mind and get back to your day-to-day routine quicker. 


A Low Level Laser Therapy that is used to reduce pain and stimulate the body’s healing process by increasing blood flow and decreasing inflammation at the affected areas.

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Laser dentistry was invented in the 1960s when scientists developed the ruby laser!

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Is laser dentistry safe?

Absolutely. Dental lasers are approved by the FDA and have been found to be completely safe when used by a trained dentist. Because the laser tool conducts such a precise procedure, there is a smaller chance of bacterial infection. This minimally invasive treatment also causes little to no bleeding for patients. When undergoing laser treatments, your dentist will take precautions to ensure your safety, just as they would with any other treatment. Since laser tools emit a powerful light, they will give you special protective glasses or goggles to shield your eyes. Laser dentistry is safer and more comfortable than many other traditional procedures.

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Does laser dentistry hurt?

No! Laser treatments are very comfortable and convenient. The laser causes a cauterizing effect within the tissue, so there is typically very little bleeding or pain after treatment. It can even decrease tooth sensitivity.

Are laser dental treatments more expensive?

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No.  Most often they are less expensive because biologic materials such as bone graft and membranes are not needed.  As periodontal disease procedures are typically covered by insurance, the LANAP procedure can not only save your teeth but in a financially manageable way.  Do note though that the cost of treatment will vary based on your individual needs, so we recommend scheduling a consultation to get a more accurate cost estimate.

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Laser dentistry is effective for a variety of procedures including gum disease, biopsies, and biostimulation.

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